Photography Inspiration Video by Brendan van Son

My Photography Inspiration

I get asked all the time where my photography inspiration comes from.  And, the truth is that it doesn’t come from one particular place.  It comes from all over. Some days it comes from my YouTube community. Other days, it’s the places I visit.  But, I don’t need one single inspiration. I believe that photography inspiration comes from all over the place, and your reasons for photography will always change.

So, I decided to do a video about it.  I’m sure you noticed it at the top of this blog post.

The Photography Inspiration Script

I’ve already had a couple people asking me for the script of my photography inspiration video.  So here it is.

What inspires me?

I’m expected to have some pre-written answer. A prepared retort filled with an inspirational quote worthy message. But, the truth is that photography means something different to me every time I go out to shoot.

You don’t need to a reason to be a photographer, because that reason can, and will, change every single day.

To me, photography is a way to capture the world. Somedays, it’s just my way of manipulating the world into a mood or vision I have for it. Photography is my artistic outlet. With a press of the shutter, I can capture how I feel about a specfic moment. A fragment of time trapped on my sensor.

And, sure, there are days that photography is about inspiration. There are days it’s about sharing the joy of the world. About harnessing the beauty of our planet.

Other days, though, photography is simply about getting me out. I can be an introverted cave-dweller; I’ll want to hide away in hotel rooms for days. Photography gets me out. It pulls me to the seas, cliffs, and landscapes. It drags me through the narrow streets, and into the markets of the world. Photography brings me face to face with people I’d never have had the chance to meet without it. Photography, is friendship.

Photography is peace and calm

It’s harnessed excitement.

That moment from when the mirror clacks, the shutter snaps to when the image is revealed is pure power. And no matter how many thousand times I press that shutter, it still gives me butterflies.

Photography is love.

But most of all, photography is vulnerability and courage. Through all the images I’ve taken, all the video clips I’ve rolled, all moments I’ve captured, nothing has brought me more joy than the empowerment that comes from sharing this beautiful craft back to a world that has given me so much.

So, what does photography mean to you?

The Making of The Photography Inspiration Video

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like my videos have kind of become a bit “same-same” after a while.  I’ve been wanting to mix things up a bit with some different style videos from time to time.

That’s not to say that my photography vlog is changing.  The style will stay the same, I’m still going to be daily vlogging the behind the scenes of life as a travel photographer.  But, from time to time I will be doing some hero videos like this. And, I will maybe be doing some shorter photography hack and video tips videos.  It just seems like the progress that needs to be made on this channel to keep up with the photography inspiration in a sustainable way.

How I Made This Video

All the clips in this video were shot in about 90 minutes.

I had the concept of the video about an hour before I started shooting.  I decided I needed a new trailer for my channel.

I wanted the video to be simple.  I wanted it to be a bit of a short story sharing the journey of a photographer out to their destination and location.  And I wanted it to make viewers feel like they were watching the journey to making a photo.  So, there’s lot of clips of me wandering. Sometimes I set the camera on the ground and shot. Other times, I had Jodie film the b-roll.

Overall, I think it worked.

Why Do You Think?

Did you like the hero video?  Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.