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Photography Podcast

A couple years ago I started a photography podcast. However, I quickly felt the content getting stale and boring. So, I left it.

However, over the past few months I’ve been having the urge to bring it back. However, this time I wanted to do it a little bit different. I wanted to focus on story-telling, and getting behind the photos.

For me, travel photography isn’t as much about the photographs as it is the stories behind them, the adventures, the people you meet, and the sheer fun that goes into going out in the world and making images.

So that’s what this is about.

This new version of the podcast is called “Travel, Photography & Life by Brendan van Son” and it will focus on the stories.

Latest Episodes

I’ve posted my first ever episode of the

Where Can I Hear it? Subscribe?

This time, I decided to host my podcast on Spotify. It just felt like the easiest way to get it out to the world, and on a platform that’s easily recognizable and accessible to both android and apple users.

That said, you can find the podcast re-streamed to some other platforms. Here are the links:

Photography Podcast Schedule

At the moment, I’m going to try to post a story weekly.

The stories will be a bit random. I’m going to try to keep the podcast fairly linear – meaning somewhat chronological. However, there might be times where I decide to go off on a tangent, or tell a story about something that happened recently, or maybe dive into a Q&A or something.

For now, I’m aiming to post podcasts on Saturdays.

Future Dates?

Please bookmark this page, or keep coming back to see the latest.

I’ve embedded the player above, so you’ll be able to see the latest photo podcasts as soon as they happen.

Travel Photography Podcast