Sunrise in Cadaques
Sunrise in Cadaques

Cadaques, Spain in Photos and 4K

In an attempt to kind of make my videos a bit more dynamic, I’m trying out a couple different styles of videos and episodes. All of them are still going to be “vlog-style”, but some less than others.

My general goal is to make this YouTube channel feel less like 1 show with 7 episodes a week, but rather 6 or 7 different shows that each play on a weekly basis. I think this will keep more people happy, allow for more variety to the content, and most importantly give me a couple days where the filming process is different and less mundane.

We’ll start with my trip to beautiful Cadaques in Costa Brava, Spain.

Honestly, I had never ever heard of the town of Cadaques before this photography assignment. After visiting, though, I’m wondering how it’s been kept such a great little secret.

What I Got Up To

Yesterday I started a project that will take me around bits of Spain and Italy. I landed yesterday in Barcelona, and was whisked away to Costa Brava and the town of Cadaques.

I’m on a project here which you can follow on social media with the hashtag #EuroFoodTrip. As you probably guessed, this is a foodie tour in Europe. The trip will take us around Costa Brava, and then later into Emilia Romagna, Italy.

I got up early to shoot some photography in the beautiful town of Cadaques. It really is picturesque. And how interesting this town was made dealing with some serious jet lag a little bit easier.

Cadaques, Costa Brava
A teaser image from Cadaques, Costa Brava

It also made things easier to be hanging out with so many cool people. It can be hard in this nomadic lifestyle to have a social life. But, these projects that involve a number of other people from the industry are a great way to mix work and a social life. The group on this trip is a lot of fun. There are some old faces – people I’ve known for ages – and other people who I’m sure will be long-time friends.

In the late morning, we boarded a sailboat and headed out along some of the beautiful coastline of Cap de Creus National Park, had some amazing freshly caught seafood, and even got a swim in.

Sunrise in Cadaques
Sunrise in Cadaques

Then in the afternoon we pushed on to a really cool vineyard called La Vinyeta where we tried our hand at picking grapes, and then even had the chance to stomp them out with our feet. Of course, there was food and drink.

La Vinyeta, Costa Brava
La Vinyeta, Costa Brava

The Sony A6300

I’m trying to vlog as often as I can on the Sony A6300 I just added to my gear set and am really pleased with the quality of the video it’s turning out. I bought this camera not only because it shoots the 4k you saw in the video today, but because the auto-focus system is just next level, both for videos and photos. I am extremely pleased with it.

There was definitely a learning curve, though. Not only is the Sony A6300 my first mirrorless camera, but my main camera – the Canon 6D – is a very simple camera that’s stripped down of a lot of complications. The Sony A6300 is a dynamic camera that can do a million different things. So, figuring out how to make the most of these tools, and not getting overwhelmed by them, has been a bit of a challenge.

That said, this camera has proven to be fantastic, and I highly recommend it to people who are looking to get into photography and need a camera that shoots both stills and high quality video.

Some Photos from Cadaques

Here are a couple stills I took in the day. I took about 100 images between Cadaques and La Vinyeta, but we’ve been so busy on this trip I’ve had to just pull a couple images out and edit a handful for you to check out.

Like always, stay on top of the images over on my Instagram feed.

Dawn in Cadaques
The classic view of Cadaques.
Last shot of Cadaques, I swear. It’s just so perfect!
Lunch out on our sailboat.
La Vinyeta
The owner of La Vinyeta taking care of some his grapes.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow, we head to the Pyrenees Mountains here in Spain, and I may just make an attempt at shooting an entire Vlog in 360 degrees. I’m not sure it’ll happen. But, that’s where my mind is at. Regardless, it should be cool! There will be fall colours, and I’m even told there may be a hot-air balloon ride – which I’ve never done.