Azores Photography Tour

Another one of these photography destinations in the world that is way overlooked by the masses, the Azores are one of the most photogenic places on the planet. Diverse in flora, geography, and geology the Azores are waiting to become one of the top photography spots in the world.

And while I plan on adding the Azores to my plate of travel photography workshops and tours, the first of these trips (in February 2024) will be a location scouting trip. And, it’s going to be awesome.

Photo by Renato Ponte from Pexels:

What is a Scouting Trip?

Scouting trips might be the most fun.

These are either locations that I haven’t been to before, or I want to dig a bit deeper into. The trips are “discovery” focused. That means that we spend out time exploring, searching for photo spots, and chasing images.

In the case of The Azores, I haven’t been as of yet. And we’ll be scouting the various islands to find the absolutely best of it.

Trip Info

  • Dates = February 1-8, 2024
  • Start/End Airport = Ponta Delgada, Azores
  • Max Participants = 5
  • Fitness Level = Moderate. Some hiking, walking. Nothing intense.
  • Hotel Level = 3 star
  • Cost = 3,500 Euros


On most of my classic trips we have pretty fixed itineraries. On my scouting trips, we stay flexible and chase good weather, good light, and the right situations.

Our photography itinerary in The Azores will take us wherever the best light and photo situation is on that particular day. We won’t have a fixed itinerary in any way aside from a couple hotel booking and entrances/ferries that need to be pre-arranged.

We will be doing some island hopping as well (where possible).

What’s Included / Not Included

In the price of the tour, the following is included:

  • Local transportation
  • Accommodation (on a twin shared basis)
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance fees / Guide fees
  • Photography instruction

Not included in the price of the tour is:

  • Visas for Portugal (if necessary)
  • Transport to/from Ponta Delgada, Azores
  • Lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Photography equipment

Single Supplement?

The trip is based on twin share meaning that if you’re travelling solo, you’ll be matched with a roommate of the same gender. However, if you prefer to have your own private accommodation for the trip, you’ll need to pay a single supplement fee. For this particular trip it’s 900 Euros.

Book Now

To book, please pay the deposit below. This will hold your space on the trip. The final payment for the trip will be due in November 2023. Please read the terms and conditions of payments before booking.


What’s a Scouting Trip?

Quite basically, the goal of a scouting trip is to see and photograph as much of a destination as possible. We want to “scout” as much of the Azores as we possibly can to find the absolute best photo locations.
On scouting trips, we aren’t just doing photography in the “golden hours”, but are constantly looking for photographs to make.

What’s the Transport Like

We will travel in a transit van, for the most part. We will also hop between some of the islands on the ferry system.
The van is comfortable, and there’s lots of room to spread out.

What Hotels Will we Use?

The honest answer is, we’ll figure it out.
One of the fun parts of scouting trips is that we kind of make it up as we go. Yes, I plan and book accommodation (or at least make sure it’s available) beforehand. I’m not recklessly travelling around.
We will have a flexible schedule that puts us in the best situations for photography possible.
Sometimes that accommodation will be a 4-star hotel. Other times it will be a nice guest house or a boutique hotel. But, it will always be comfortable.

Can Join This One?

If you can’t join this, feel free to have a look through my other travel photography workshops here.

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