3 Legged Thing Tripod

The Best Tripod for Travel? Reviewing the 3 Legged Thing Brian

The one part of my gear that I’ve always kind of compromised on has been my travel tripod.  Now, I know that most photographers will always say that your tripod should come first above all gear.  But the truth is, it’s always something I’ve worked around.  It’s also something that I’ve hated that I’ve had to work around.  So, I couldn’t be happier than to finally get my hands on what if often billed as the best tripod for travel: the 3 Legged Thing Brian.

Now, while it’s certainly one of the best tripods for travel photography, it’s also likely the most versatile travel tripod ever created.  It has the ability to get as low to the ground as 120mm and as high as 2.04m.  Moreover, it has the ability to turn itself into a monopod, a legged monopod, and a light stand.

There are more on the specs of this brilliant travel tripod below.  For now, check out my video review on the Brian Blue tripod from 3 Legged Thing.


Tripod Review Summary

My review is quite simple: this tripod rocks.  From an aesthetics standpoint, it’s a thing of beauty in itself.  I love how it looks.  And while I would never tell you to buy a tripod based on how beautiful it looks, this would be the one to buy if you did; it’ll certainly make you stand out in the field.  Beyond being pretty to look at, the Brian Blue stands up to all other tests one could have for an everyday travel tripod.  It’s light, it’s durable, it’s smooth and easy to use, it’s compact, and, as I mention about 100 times in the video, it’s insanely versatile.  Well it’s likely the best travel tripod on the market at the moment, it’s also likely the most versatile tripod of any kind, period.  As a travel photographer, I love that I can get so many different uses out of one piece of hardware.

leonard (1)

My gripes with the tripod were extremely minor.  Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the quick release.  I don’t like the fact that you need a coin to unscrew the release from the camera or lens.  I also wish there was a quicker release trigger for the plate.  Although, to be honest, those issues are so minor it’s almost hardly worth mentioning.

 Quick Specs on the Brian Blue

  • Max Height: 2.04m
  • Minimum Height: 120mm
  • Max Weight Load of Tripod: 8kg (despite what I said in the video)
  • Max Weight Load of the Head: 35kg (again, despite what I said in the video)
  • Tripod Weight: 1325g (1605g for entire kit)

About the costs of the Tripod

The Brian Blue travel tripod retails for £359 (although it’s been spotted on Amazon for as little as $459USD) , so it’s a bit of an investment.  However, given the fact that I’ve been through about 6 other tripods in the past 4 years, I feel like it’s a worthy investment.  Moreover, anything that is going to improve the quality and sharpness of my images the way this will, is worth the rate.  The versatility this travel tripod provides means that I really only need to carry one product with me at all times.  And, considering all the other gear I have to carry, there’s no real price to that amount I can fix to that sort of flexibility.

In comparison to competitors like the ultra-expensive Gitzo tripods and other comparable tripods and brands, I think the 3 Legged Thing travel tripod is absolute value.  If you’re ready to step up your photography game and are looking for the best travel tripod on the market, you don’t have to look much farther.  This is the most versatile tripod on the market, and one I’m sure will be packed in my photo gear for a very long time.

What’s Next

I’m still in Switzerland and I’m sure I’ll make a couple more day trips here in the country after a successful trip to Gruyeres.  After that, I’m off to Iceland.  Although the news of the volcano erupting this morning is attempting to drive a wrench in my plans.  Beyond Iceland, I’ll be back in North America for at least a couple months.  Stay Tuned!