Cuba Photography guide

A Full Photography Guide for Cuba

Cuba is special. It really is one of the most photogenic places in the world. It’s a photographers dream, and one of the coolest places to set a camera upon. But, as someone who knew very little about Cuba, it was a bit overwhelming. So, I’ve decided to put together a photography guide to Cuba.

To non-photographers it might be a bit of a surprise to see how much time professionals spend location scouting and searching for the best places to shoot photos.  Honestly, I’d say I spent far more time searching for locations than I do actually taking pictures. Location scouting is a huge part of the job.  

One of the tools I’ve started to rely on a lot is a photography app for both Android and iPhone where guides are created by professional photographers to make it easier for other pros and hobbyist to find the best places in a destination to shoot their photos.  Moreover, I’ve actually started creating guides of my own to certain locations.  This, for example, is my photography guide to Cuba.  It’s packed with my favourite photos of Cuba, as well as all the information about the destinations and how I got each photo.

Download my guide here via the fripito app, or watch the video and read below for more information.

What’s included in the Guide

The point of this Cuba photography guide is to provide information you wouldn’t be able to find in a photography blog.  It really is a cover-all for shooting photography in the country. And whether you’re shooting casually, or as a professional, it’s worth downloading as it’s a load of information packed into a very smart format.

  • 60+ Images from Cuba: There are over 60 of my images from Cuba in the guide.  This should give you ample inspiration for your own travels to Cuba for photography.
  • Local Guides: For a number of the major destinations in Cuba, I include guides on where to stay, eat, and travel around.
  • Cuba Information: I give a lot of information on getting around the country, safety, what gear to pack, and other helpful information you’ll need to travel and photograph Cuba.
  • Photo Data and Information: Each photo includes the full image data.  You’ll know exactly what settings I shot each image.  Moreover, I include a blurb on every image about what went behind the making of the photo.
  • GPS Coordinates: On each photo, there is also an included map with the GPS coordinates of where I shot the image. My Canon 6D is GPS enabled, so the information is extremely accurate.

Will you be Offer Photography Workshops in Cuba?

The short answer is yes.  In late 2016 or early 2017 I’ll be offering a photography tour in Cuba.  We still aren’t firm on the dates or price, but that is on its way in the coming month or so.  If you’re interested in joining that trip, or one of my other travel photography workshops click the links to visit the pages with the relevant information.

What’s Next on the Travel Photography Blog

I’m in Romania at the moment and way behind on my travel blogging.  I’m sorry for that. It’s been a wild month or so of travel.  I have two more articles from my Viking River Cruise through the Christmas Markets of Europe. You saw the Passau article already, but there’s still pieces coming from Budapest and Austria.  Then, I’ve got articles from Eastern and Northern Europe.