I Started a Podcast!

I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing back my photography podcast for the past couple months. But the problem had always been “I don’t listen to podcasts”.  I’m not personally drawn to podcasts. I think that’s kind of why my original podcast ended. It felt stale, and like I was trying to be something I wasn’t.

Then, last week I had some inspiration. Why not make my podcast about story-telling. Story-telling is something I love doing, and honestly I have so many stories built up from my years of travels that it makes sense.

There are so many stories that people who have been following my career just don’t know about – since they happened long before YouTube or Instagram. So, I’m especially excited to share those.

About the Podcast

The new version of the podcast is called “Travel, Life & Photography with Brendan van Son”.

I’m going to try to post a podcast each week (I’m aiming for Saturdays).

Moreover, I’m going to try to keep things simple. I’m not going to come at you all with really elaborate set-ups, but keep it chilled. I might not always record in my studio, as I’m off travelling a lot. Heck, I might even record something from a forest or something if the mood strikes. I think as soon as it feels like work, I’ll give up on it again.

Travel Photography Podcast

Where Can You Listen?

I’ve started from scratch.

I decided to host the podcast this time on Spotify. It just seemed like the easiest place to get it live in a way that was accessible to the largest audience. And although I’m sure I’m nowhere near a place where I can monetize it, I know that’s an option there. I also really like the interactive features on Spotify.

Via Spotify, I’ll also be posting to some other podcast hosts like iTunes, Amazon and Google.

The links are here:

The Podcast Format

Like I said, I plan on keeping things simple.

There is no fixed format, it’ll just be me sitting and storytelling. I don’t think I’ll bring guests on with me – unless they were a part of the story that I’m telling.

Over on Spotify, though, there will be the option to view it as a video.

You can Subscribe

I’ve also included a “paid” feature on the podcast. This will be a monthly video where I do a Q&A with the audience. And, eventually, if I ever get advertisers on the videos, this will be an ad-free version of the podcasts.

You can subscribe as a paid subscriber here.


But, some things I’ll likely address:

  • How I started as a travel photographer
  • The time I almost died in The Congo
  • Getting Robbed in Ecuador
  • Driving a Scooter down Africa
  • How I Didn’t Become a War Journalist

If you have topics that you’d like covered, be sure to drop a comment below.

When Can We Expect The First One?

The first podcast is already live