Daily Travel Photo: Colonia Car

Colonia Car

The Set Up

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay is a very popular weekend destination for Argentineans and Uruguayans alike.  This tiny little colonial town sits just across the mouth of the Rio de Plata.  The town exudes a sleepy feeling that leave visitors simply wandering and enjoying.  There is a calm and a peace to Colonia, and it’s possible that this village is the inspiration for the word quait.

The Shot

I spent the day photographing Colonia del Sacramento in mid day, a challenge to any photographer.  Harshly strong sunlight can often burn out the colour in your photos.  One trick to counter this is to shoot in the shadows, which is what I did for most of my shots.  This one however, I really liked the way that the sun glared off the hood of the car.  Another rule I like to stick to, which is mostly used for people and wildlife, is to shoot from eye level.  Simply meaning, don’t shoot down onto things, but shoot it from its level.  In doing this it ads dimension and power to the images that you shoot.