10 things I Love About Brazil

I wrote an article on the 10 things I loved about being in Argentina a little while ago when in Argentina.  So I seemed it only fitting to do the same for Brazil.  This is a country that has long been on my radar, but put off due to visa constraints and the sheer size of the country.  Now that I have arrived, I couldn’t be more excited.  This is a country of great diversity a near perfect climate and some amazing landscapes.  There are a thousand things to like about being in Brazil, but these are my top 10:

1) Beaches

I had just spent over two months in the stretches of Patagonia surviving bitter cold weather and winds that literally swept people off their feet.  And all though I did go for a swim on a beach in Antarctica, the beaches in Brazil are much more conducive to relaxation and serenity.  Soft sand beaches, rich green landscapes, and an amazing overall vibe.


2) Fresh Juices

Oh juice how I adore thee.  There is nothing like fresh fruit squeezed into a glass with thick pulp.  In most cities in Brazil, nearly every street is cornered by a shop that sells fresh fruit juices ranging from everything between pineapple and locally famous acai.  They usually also sell cheap burgers and are open 24 hours a day.  The perfect place for a snack any time of day or night.

3) The People

The women of Brazil are shaped like goddesses and walk like they know it.  They have soft cocoa butter skin, bright white smiles, and enough attitude to keep any man intrigued and on his toes. And, look, I’m an equal opportunity person, every girl I’ve known has drooled over Brazilian men.

4) Diversity

I’ve always been a big fan of diversity, and for the “Anchorman” fans out there, no, diversity isn’t an old wooden ship.  However, diversity, if played out right, is a beautiful thing.  The agglomeration of cultures from Iberian European all the way to African form the heart, soul, and fabric of Brazilian culture.

5) Sport

Brazil could easily become one of the world’s great sports nations.  It seems like everywhere you go there is a different group of people taking in a different sport.  Whether it be beach volleyball, basketball, or the more popular football.  Go to any beach and you’ll find people playing sports.  Impressively, you’ll see match of footvolley which is basically volleyball played without using your hands.

Brazil Women's Beach Volleyball

6) Music and Dance

I’ve been known to get down on a dance floor or two in my day, but in all honesty, it’s probably not all too pretty.  I’m guessing that I must look like Vanilla Ice mixed with Ross from friends when I dance.  However, the Brazilians have no shortage of dance moves or the rhythmic music to accompany it all.  Brazil, along with Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia, really form the heart and soul of Latin American Music.

7) That thong tha, thong, tong thong

It’s not the thong itself; it is the idea of the thong that I like.  In Brazilians of all shapes and sizes rock out the thong without a second thought.  You see, the thong is a symbol of a culture that prides itself on the ability to be open and honest about everything, including the size of their bottoms.  So I tip my glass to you Brazil, “to thongs!!”

And though I’m not as keen to it, the same goes for the dudes rocking speedos. You have to applaud the courage.

8) Language

I never realized how much I began to take for granted my ability to speak Spanish until I reached Brazil.  It was like traveling Central America 5 years ago all over again.  There is something really fun about the struggle to try and communicate and eventually overcoming it in the end.  To me, Portuguese sounds hilarious when spoken.  It almost sounds like a really drunken version of Spanish with a dash of broken French.  In any case, it is always good fun to challenge myself to learn a new language.

9) The Food

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a foodie. Sure, I love quality grub, but it’s definitely not a focus. That said, I do love Brazilian food. I think it’s part of the diversity. You find plenty of the traditional Brazilian foods, but you also find Portuguese, Japanese, Indian and basically everything in between.

10) The Coffee (Mostly)

Brazil is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. In fact, Brazilians will tell you that theirs is the best on the planet. And while I might argue with that a bit – shout outs to Colombia and Ethiopia – it is pretty delicious.

That said, I added the (mostly) clause to this for a reason. Despite the fact that they have some of the best coffee in the world, it is still often really hard to find a good cup, and instant is far too often served.