Rockhouse Hotel Sunset
The hotel at sunset, an amazing scene

The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica

The Rockhouse Hotel, just outside of Negril, Jamaica may be the country’s premier boutique hotel. With rooms ranging from “artsy” standard rooms starting at a reasonable 125USD to extravagant luxury suites with open views of the water at 250USD, Rock View provides both a hidden getaway and a luxury destination at the same time. Settled on the jagged cliffs of the Caribbean Sea, the Rock View Hotel features some incredible views and some tranquil blue water coves that beg to be swam. If you’re looking for luxury and comfort, but want to escape the crowds of the 500-plus room all-inclusive resorts then Rockhouse is probably the place for you. A spa, cozy rooms, a couple great restaurants and swimming pool-like waters, what else could you ask for in a hotel.

As a backpacker who focuses on budget and adventure travel I laughed a little bit as the others on the tour of the hotel used the words cheap and affordable when reading the prices listed. For my usual 40-45 dollar a day budget this place would blow my budget to bits. That being said, if I had the money, this would be the exact type of place that I would stay. The all-inclusive hotels are great, but within their confines you really don’t have an experience that is unique to that location. At the Rockhouse Hotel waking up to the view of calm turquoise waters, and then climbing down for a swim in them, is a sensation that cannot be replicated. ┬áBoth exotic and chic the Rockhouse Hotel can’t help but stir romantic thoughts in even the most solo of travellers.

A Photo Essay of the Rockhouse

Below I have posted a couple of photos from the hotel, for more on the hotel you can visit their website for more information by clicking here.

Rockhouse Hotel
Near the Pool Area
Rockhouse Hotel
A storm on the horizon
Rockhouse Hotel Patio
The patio area of one of the rooms
Rockhouse Hotel water
From the patio down to the water
Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica
Beautiful view of the sea from one of the Rockhouse suites.
Rockhouse Hotel Restaurant
The view from the restaurant at the Rockhouse.
Rockhouse Hotel Coast
The patios of the hotel along the water near Negril.
Rockhouse Hotel Sailboat
A sailboat passes the hotel at sunset.
Rockhouse Hotel Loungers
Not a bad place to lounge!
Rockhouse Hotel Water
How amazing is that water? Great place for a swim. And, one of the coolest hotels I’ve seen.
Rockhouse Hotel Sunset
The Rockhouse hotel at sunset, an amazing scene.