Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw Pictures

Yesterday, 4 bright scarlet macaws surprised me as I was watching television.  

I spotted the bright orange birds out of the corner of my eye and just about hit the roof as I jumped out of my seat on the couch to get my camera.  I photographed the scarlet macaws for about an hour with my zoom camera lens, but the fact that the light was low and my camera isn’t working properly meant that most of the pictures I got are fairly low quality.  The very last photo I took, I tried to capture the scene and the bird, although the macaw is tiny in this shot but, thanks to its bright colour, it is still very easy to spot.  I’ve included two other images I caught as well.

Spot the Macaw
Spot the Macaw – The scarlet macaws where hiding out most of the time in this tree across the road from the apartment.  I have a 70-200mm lens so I couldn’t really get too close, but the view behind the scene is beautiful as well.
Scarlet Macaw in flight
Scarlet Macaw in flight – The macaws came right into the apartment complex at first and stood perched on the ledge of one of the apartments.  It was pretty impressive and they were very tame.  In fact, one of the residents stood about 5 feet from them as they relaxed.
Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw – This is maybe my favourite of the photos because the colours are just so dramatic.  They really are beautiful birds.  I love seeing them out in nature, but to be able to see them from my deck was a different experience all together.