Safety gone Sexy: The Latest Air New Zealand Safety Video

I posted just the other day about the making of the newest Air New Zealand safety video, and they now just released the video, so I thought you guys would like to see the completed video.

This video, entitled Safety in Paradise, was done in conjunction with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition which is celebrating their 50th anniversary.  Obviously, it’s a sexier twist on the dull safety videos that you might be used to.  Some of the fantastic models from Sports Illustrated join up with some great locals in the stunning Cook Islands to make the video.

What makes the video entertaining, though, goes beyond the simple fact that it’s laced with beautiful people.  Well most just ignore the safety speeches on airlines, it’s impossible not to watch this version.  In general, Air New Zealand has been setting a precedent for great safety videos.  Personally, I hope that this trend continues.  Not only does it make for interesting views, but it makes watching the pre-flight safety talk so much more bearable, and perhaps even something to look forward to.  I for one, hope that other airlines use this as a challenge and start stepping up to the plate with safety videos like this!

Anyways, if you’re interested, Air New Zealand is also giving online viewers of the new video a chance to win one of 5 trips for 2 to the Cook Islands.  For more info, click here.