Courtyard Blue Mosque Istanbul
Blue Mosque at Dusk

Istanbul: Best Places for Photography

I was impressed with Istanbul.  I’m sure there are few people who see the city that aren’t left at least slightly awed by how stunning it is.  It’s also just such a wonderful place for photography.

But, to no one’s fault but my own, I really didn’t have a great story-worthy experience in Istanbul.  

I loved getting down and relaxing on Galata Bridge with a warm apple tea in one hand and nargile in the other, even if it was bloody cold out.  

I loved watching the people in Istanbul, there’s such an interesting collection of people there.  Initially, I liked the food too.  

However, the taste of the food got fairly monotonous over time.  I honestly couldn’t wait to get some other style of cuisine after a couple days.  But most of all, I loved taking pictures in Istanbul.  It really is such an interesting place to try to capture.

Blue Mosque Istanbul

Each time I post one of these photo articles I feel like I’m letting you people down.  I swear, I’ll start posting travel adventure stories to go along with the photography shortly.  However, Europe has simply been way too easy for me.  As sad as it may be, I really do feel like I need to be shot at, hang out with Costa Rican Prostitutes, or stare a lion in the eye these days just to have a story to tell.  Europe is predictable, even places like Istanbul which certainly are more raw than the more dull cities like Vienna.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photos of Istanbul.  I focused most of my photography around the fairly touristy part of the city.  Don’t be mad at me for not getting more of the city in this set of pictures.  Turkey really is an intriguing country to me, and I hope to someday get back and photograph the other parts of the country, of which I’m sure are also worthy of some snaps.

Hagia SofĂ­a Photography

Hagia Sofia Istanbul
Inside the beautiful Hagia Sofia. Shame it was under construction when we were there.
Hagia Sofia Istanbul
Hagia Sofia at dusk
shoe shiner Istanbul
A shoe shiner waiting for a client

The Blue Mosque in Photos

Blue mosque inside Istanbul
Inside the Blue Mosque, the design is so beautiful.
Courtyard Blue Mosque Istanbul
Blue Mosque at Dusk
Blue Mosque Istanbul
The Blue Mosque as seen from the terrace of Ibrahim Pacha Hotel
Blue Mosque fountain Istanbul
The Blue Mosque behind the fountain.

The People of Istanbul

corn vendor Istanbul
Selling corn on the cob.
woman Istanbul
A woman across from downtown Istanbul
Kebab Istanbul
Kebab cook in Istanbul.
dog Istanbul
Maybe the coolest dog in Istanbul.

The Streets and Markets of Istanbul

teas Istanbul
Some teas in a market, including my favourite apple tea.
In front of one of the mosques.
cats Istanbul
Istanbul is full of cats.
In the yard of the Blue Mosque.
Grande Bazaar Istanbul
Inside the Grande Bazaar.

Galata Bridge Photos

Istanbul as seen from Galata Bridge.
Another shot taken from Galata Bridge.
Galata Bridge
Galata Bridge

Planning a Photography-Focused Trip to Istabul

I don’t even know where to start here. Istanbul is just an incredible place for photography. I love how accessible the city is to the rest of the world. You can almost get here on a direct flight from anywhere on the planet. With that in mind, don’t plan just one photography trip to Istanbul, plan plenty.

I personally think you need a minimum of 4 full days to properly experience Istanbul and cover the various photography locations. For accommodation, you’ll find plenty around the area of The Blue Mosque. Most of the smaller hotels are great value.