Wedding photography
Can't beat a place like that for a wedding can you?

Destination Wedding Photography: Dominican Republic

I am not a wedding photographer, nor have I ever shot a wedding.  But when my sister asked me if I could photograph their wedding in the Dominican Republic how could I possibly say no?  I have to say though, I was probably more nervous about photographing it than she was about getting married.  Not only is it my sister’s wedding, but she is a wedding photographer!!! (Check out her site).  In the end, I gained a lot from the experience.  I also learned that wedding photographers work hard!

At the end of the day I couldn’t be happier with the experience.  Not only did I get to test my creative edge, but I also felt much more involved in the wedding than I would have been otherwise.

My sister obviously made a beautiful bride, and I can only hope that my photos translate that beauty and the beauty of the event as a whole.

So, what do you think?  Do you like them? Or should I stick to my day job as a travel photographer???

Wedding Photos
Rob, the Groom, getting ready.
Wedding Photos
My Brother was doing a improv comedy sketch on the phone… cracking everyone up.
Jen helping Mom with her makeup.
Mom helping JJ with her Jewelry.
The hankie that my Grandma used at her wedding.
Mom and JJ
Jen and my Pops
Jen about to crack from the emotions…
Jen and the Maids
Wedding Photography
My Dad’s… flower thing-a-ma-bob.
That is meeeeee 😀
Here comes the bride, here comes the…. errrrr groom, I mean groom.
The Bridesmaids
JJ and my parents… Pops looking proud. Mom looking sexy.
Rob’s a lucky dude if you ask me.
The wedding scene
The bridesmaids
The rings…
The kiss…
The couple…
Dance, dance, dance
Rob with our family… How good looking are we? Thanks to Giselle for snapping this one.
One big new family. Thanks again Giselle.
JJ with Rob’s Family
Wedding photography
The wedding party heading to the beach
Wedding photography
Can’t beat a place like that for a wedding can you?
The groomsmen and Rob
JJ and the boys
Wedding Photography
The newlyweds.
Wedding Photography
Hands off my sister!!! …. errr wait it’s ok… but only for this photo!
I hate shooting into lens flare, my sister loves it… I did this for her.
More lens flare for my sister… in this case, I think it turned out cool.
Coffee table shot…
Wedding Photography
Go on, get out of here you crazy kids!