I’m Back in Africa


Wow, despite the fact that it has only been 6 weeks since I was here it feels like an eternity. It’s funny how time works sometimes isn’t it? It seems like the past month and a half in Canada just flew by. I was so busy I hardly had enough time to breathe. But then at the same time, looking back to the day I arrived in Calgary and visited home seems like a lifetime ago, almost like it didn’t really happen, but was a part of some sort of dream I had.

But alas, I am now back in Senegal and couldn’t feel more excited to be here. I loved my time in Canada, and had some experiences I would have never had the opportunity to experience otherwise. Being face to face with a wild grizzly and watching the northern lights were some highlights, but every single day had something spectacular in store.  However, I missed the Africa I had come to know.  I missed the challenge, I missed the strange feeling I got arriving somewhere new, and most of all I missed the laughs and smiles of the people I passed on the streets.  

For now at least, Africa is where I am meant to be.

I’m Heading Southbound without a Schedule

Tomorrow I will be leaving Dakar and heading south to The Gambia.  After exploring Africa’s smallest country I will be heading into the Casamance region of Senegal and then through Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, and the other Western African countries.  

As usual, my goal is to visit every single country, and see as much of each as I can.  I don’t have a time-frame in mind right now, I’m just going to go and stay if I feel like staying and leave if I feel like leaving.

You Can Follow Extra Close this Time

I announced a couple of days ago that I’m starting a video project called “It’s my Life 365”.  While the project is now well underway, and there will be an episode for every day of the next 365.  I’ll be loading the videos to YouTube as quickly as I can, but the internet around here has been dictating that more than anything.  We’re already up to day 4 online!

Of course, there are a number of ways to follow along really closely:

  • YouTube: Be sure you subscribe to the “It’s my Life 365” YouTube Channel for up-to-date videos from where I am in the world.
  • Twitter: I’ve been hashtagging tweets about Africa with the #BrendansAfrica you can follow that hashtag, or follow me more closely at @brendanvanson
  • Facebook: As usual, my facebook page features info and photos that are nearly up to date at all time.  Including my 365 days of photography project.
  • Instagram: Again, the internet is winning when it comes to instagram, but whenever I can get to reliable internet I’ll be uploading my iPhone photos there.  My username is brendanvanson

What about British Columbia

Oh believe me, I have plenty of articles still to come from British Columbia.  Thus, on my website the articles will be a smattering of British Columbia and West Africa for the next little bit of time.  Don’t worry, there is still plenty to come from the beautiful west coast province of BC.

When the articles left off I was just arriving in Mauritania, so the African story line will continue on at that point.

That’s It!

Ok, that’s it for this little life update.  We will now return to our regularly scheduled program.

I really hope you are enjoying the BC and West Africa content.  As usual, I’d love to hear from you.  What do you want to see more of?  What type of content do you like best?

I hope all is well and that you’re out exploring your world the best you know how!

Safe Travels,