Daily Travel Photo: Curious Seal

Curious Seal

The Set Up

Circling around the icebergs on zodiacs off of the coast of Antarctica is amazing.  Around each and every corner there is a new surprise whether it be a whale surfacing, a glacier calving or in this case a seal poking its head up.  Most of the seals we came across were quite boring.  It seems most of them prefer sleep to entertaining me, which is what makes it all the more special when they do something, anything at all.  This particular seal popped it’s head up curiously to see what visitors came to see it.

The Shot

This shot could actually be the sharpest image I have ever taken, which is incredible since I took it standing up, handheld from a moving zodiac.  Credit the Canon IS for that one.  This photo was taken on my Canon 70-200mm IS lens at a focal length of 200mm at an f of 4 and 1/1600 shutter speed, Iso100.

Coming Up

I know that the “Daily Travel Photos” haven’t exactly been daily, but I don’t want to swamp my readers with posts.  I think there may be one more travel photo from Antarctica before I move onto other things.  Since Antarctica I have been to Buenos Aires, Iguazu (both sides), Curitiba, Ihla do Mel, and Rio de Janeiro so there are obviously some photos from those places coming up in the future.