Annapurna Circuit

Come to Nepal!

The Nepal photography tour sold out in less than an hour. So, I thought I’d never be posting this. But, alas, here it is.

We had a group of 4 people cancel the Nepal photo trip and so we now have a bunch of space open if you’d like to join us on this trip.

If you want to join, click here for more info.

Annapurna Circuit
Note that this will be my first time doing the Annapurna Trek. So, these are stock images.

How Much Hiking is Involved?

So, let me get the elephant out of the room right away. This is a hiking trip. There will be a lot of hiking. We’ll be hiking the incredible Annapurna circuit – one of the most incredible hikes in the world.

That said, we’ll not be hiking that much every day. The distances, in general, aren’t the struggle here in Nepal. The battle is actually the altitude. So, we’ll be hiking slow, taking pictures as we go, and enjoying the sights along the way.

Annapurna Circuit

What about Porters?

Oh, there will be porters. In fact, when you’re hiking all you’ll need to take with you is the camera gear you’re using that day. And, even beyond that I’ve requested extra porters in case there are people that need help with their camera gear at some point.

So, yes, we’ll have a number of porters hauling our things up the trail for us.

Annapurna Circuit

Camera Gear for The Annapurna Trek?

I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of camera gear you’ll need for the Annapurna hike. So let’s get into that.

From a camera body standpoint, I think you’ll only really need to take one. Bringing a mirrorless body like the Canon R or the Sony A7iii would be perfect. But, if you don’t mind a little bit more weight, a full frame DSLR will also work fine. In fact, even a crop sensor DSLR will do the trick as long as you’re not hoping to do a lot of low light photography.

As far as lenses are concerned, I really think you’ll want 3 of them. You’ll want an ultra-wide angle lens like a 16-35mm. You’ll also want something telephoto to pick out the details of the world. A 100-400mm or a 70-200mm will work. I also think you’ll want something faster for some portraits along the way. Something like a 35mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.8 will work well.

I think you also want to bring a good tripod. I use 3 Legged Thing tripods which I think really work for this trek in Nepal. They’re travel tripods so they’re light but also sturdy enough to deal with the winds and weather up here on the Annapurna Circuit.

Then, of course, you’re going to want a lot of batteries. You’ll also likely want a couple filters. In particular, I recommend the 3-stop soft grad ND and something like a 6-stop ND. I use Lee filters, but any brand will do the trick.

Annapurna Circuit

What About Kathmandu?

Obviously, this trip is focused around the Annapurna Circuit. But, there will be a bit of time on this photography workshop for time in Kathmandu. We’ll be starting and ending the trip there, so we will get time to photograph the city and its sights.

That said, if you really want to enjoy the city, you might want spend a couple days before the tour to explore.

I should also mention that I’ve booked the group a pretty posh hotel in Kathmandu so that we can really have a proper relax at the end of the long hike.

Can’t Join This one?

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