Where I’ve Been

I honestly can’t tell you how many countries I’ve been to, nor do I really care, nor do I have the energy to count these, but it was brought to my attention that a lot of the articles I’ve written to hide in the depths of my archives.  Thus, if you click on the country in the list below you’ll be taken to any article I’ve tagged from that country.  I hope that this makes navigating things a little bit easier for those interested in the places I’ve been in the past.  You’ll notice that some of the countries don’t have links to them, that’s simply a result of the fact that I didn’t write anything about them.

I’ll do my best to update this as often as I can as well. Click a country for the articles, or there’s a list of them below as well!

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Central America and Caribbean


North America

South America

Benin Penguins!!! Cambodia Belize Austria Canada Argentina
Botswana China Costa Rica Bosnia Mexico Bolivia
Burkina Faso  
Hong Kong El Salvador Croatia United States Brazil
Cameroon Japan Grand Cayman Czech Republic Chile
Cote d’Ivoire  
Jordan Guatemala England Colombia
Mongolia Haiti France Ecuador
DR Congo  
Oman Honduras Germany French Guiana
Egypt Singapore Jamaica Hungary Guyana
Thailand Nicaragua Ireland Paraguay
Ghana Turkey Panama Italy Peru
Guinea Vietnam Monaco Suriname
Guinea-Bissau The Netherlands Uruguay
Liberia Northern Ireland Venezuela
Mali Portugal
Mauritania Scotland
Morocco Slovakia
Namibia Slovenia
Nigeria Spain
Senegal Switzerland
Sierra Leone Turkey
Togo The Vatican City
Western Sahara