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In the past, I’ve refrained from selling prints of my photography.  The biggest reason was simply because of the nomadic nature of my life.  It was way too challenging logistically.  However, over the past month I’ve received an outpouring of requests from people for photography prints from my library.  Thus, I’ve decided to make a limited amount of prints available for purchase.

Any of the images below are available only on a limited basis.  There will only be 10 of each of these prints made available; 5 of each size (small = 11×14 or similar. Large = 20×30 or similar). They will be numbered 1 through 5, and signed by hand.  They’ll also come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.  All images printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin 310gsm unless otherwise stated.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print of any of my other work (which you can find on Instagram), please get in contact.  I do offer prints on demand – although not of the limited variety.

Vestrahorn, Iceland

I made this image sandwiched between two wild days.  We were trapped in the north of Iceland after a blizzard and hadn't had many chances to get our lenses on the surreal landscapes in the region.  On this day, the windswept, post-blizzard scene left Vestrahorn looking other-worldly.  The following day, we ended up trapped in yet another blizzard.   Iceland isn't always easy.  But it is always spectacular.
5 available of each size

Bow Fiddle Rock, Scotland

Oh Scotland!  Each time I head north, I find new locations totally different than the last.  On this occasion, I headed to a place called Bow Fiddle Rock.  Late for sunset, I scrambled down to the rocky beach and was immediately drawn to this rock in the foreground.   Thankfully, even though I was late, the sky held off long enough for me to make this photo. One of my favourite from anywhere in the UK.
5 available of each size

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

I'd say that 95% of the times I head out to take photos I know if I'm going to get decent light or not.  This wasn't one of those mornings.  I was sat in the parking lot above this location coated in fog.  I was contemplating heading up to the headlands to see if I could get on top of it.  But, worried that I didn't have time, I fought through the weather down to the beach. Then, magically, just as it looked like I wouldn't be able to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge - let alone get nice, colourful light - a burst of colour punched through the scene for a brief moment.
5 available of each size

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

I love wildlife photography.  But, it seems that I'm cursed with the skill of landscape photography instead.   So, when out with wildlife, I make it a goal to try to photograph the environment around them.  It's my way of blending my landscape photography skill and love for wildlife together. Available in 8x10 or 24x30 - 5 of each available.
5 available of each size

Deadvlei, Namibia

This has long been one of my favourite images.  Taken on a beautiful morning in Deadvlei, Namibia, I was close to calling it a day after collecting a couple images I really liked.  Then, as I often do before leaving a location, I pulled out my longest lens and scanned around. My eye caught this beautiful light caressing the dunes behind one of the most impressive ancient tress. I'm so glad I didn't pack up early! Available in 11x14 or 20x30 - 5 of each available.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Some of my favourite images are taken in my least favourite weather.  In fact, when I took this photo I wasn't even planning on taking pictures.  I was just walking the lakeside in the rain location scouting for a future trip. Then, like magic, the rain gave way and a shot of light punched through the scene and kissed the Paine Grande.  It was perfect luck. Available in 12x15 or 24x30 - 5 of each available.
5 available of each size

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The village of Hamnoy is one of the most photogenic places on the planet.  As such, it's also one of the most photographed. But just because the location is photographed to death doesn't mean it isn't print-worthy.  I think this image lends a sense of calm and tranquility.  But the story of how the photo was taken is a little bit different to how it feels.  I snapped this image at about midnight in June between wind and rain storms.
5 available of each size

Crescent Falls, Canada

I have countless photos of iconic Alberta locations like Moraine Lake, and Lake Louise.  But, I wanted to share something a little closer to home. This image was taken in David Thompson Country at a place called Crescent Falls.  It's one of my favourite places on the planet - hands down.  And it's just a short drive from where I grew up. Oh, how spoiled for locations I was back growing up in Canada.  If I only knew. Available in 8.5x11 or 20x30 - 5 of each available.
5 available of each size

Canyon de Chelly, USA

I'd been dying to visit Canyon de Chelly National Monument since seeing it on a Netflix documentary about basketball on the Navajo Reservation. The canyon didn't disappoint either - it's spectacular. It was also freezing cold. On the morning this photo was taken it was about -20 degrees, and that beautiful sunrise didn't manage to help warm things up much either.
5 available of each size

Lago Torre, Argentina

Lago Torre is about a 3 hour hike up into the mountains in El Chalten, Argentina.  To arrive at this scene, you either need to camp over night in the nearby site, or leave your hotel in town at 2am.  We were hoping to get to the glacier-filled lake for sunrise, but fueled by adrenaline and amped up by clear skies, we arrived while stars were still in the skies.   I can't imagine a better morning.
5 available of each size

London, UK

London will always have a special place in my heart.  It's a city full of energy.  And, more importantly - for me - it's a city full of photo opportunities. I wanted to do something slightly different with an iconic spot like Tower Bridge. So I stepped in the middle of it and captured the flow of rush hour traffic through it.   Available in 11x14 or 20x30 - 5 of each available.
5 available of each size


Pricing include worldwide shipping Prints ship approx 14 days after order 30 days free refund
  • All prints are signed and numbered
  • All prints come with certificate

Custom Prints?

If there's an image you've seen elsewhere on my social media, or blog that you love, please get in contact. I do offer custom signed prints - not on a limited basis - beyond the ones listed here. To reach me, send me an email to brendanvanson (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're looking for a place to browse my imagery, Instagram is a good place to start.

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