I love this photo because it got me out of my funk. I'd been struggling to find compositions, or be happy with my work. This photo was easy. And, sometimes you need a layup to get you rolling.

Drum roll, anyone?

I had a much harder time picking the winner of the trip to Crete than I expected.  There were lots of great entries.  But, when I posted the contest, I decided I wasn’t going to just pick the best image.  I wanted to pick someone who I thought it would really help.

How Did I Pick?

So, if I didn’t just pick the best image, how did I pick?

I picked images that I thought “had potential”.  I wasn’t looking for the greatest shot ever taken. I was looking for shots in locations that took some thought to creating an image.  Sure, I was tempted by some hero images too, but I chose the image I selected  because I felt like it was a great composition of somewhere anyone could shoot.

And, yes, I think the edit is a bit overdone. But, I there is a lot of promise to the image, and the photographer behind it.

Finally, I wanted to pick someone who has been a contributor to the community and to Trover.


The Winner is…

Tristan Jacobs!

In the caption, I like that Tristan mentioned that he shot this image while studying. That he used photography as a break from studying.  For me, that shows the love of photography.  It also shows that he’s willing to make time for it, even if he should have had his nose in the books.

I think Tristan will benefit from this trip, and I hope he’s excited for it!

Tristan Jacobs
Image by Tristan Jacobs – Warning, image quality degraded by uploads/downloads not photographer error.

Runner Ups?

If you’re curious, I had about 3 runner ups.  If you want to see the short list I drew from it’s here.  Some of the candidates that I went back and forth on were Jef Wodniak, Sophie McAulay, and Chris Marr (who you should definitely follow on IG – but seems to win everything).

More Winners??

Remember that Trover is also giving away a spot (and maybe 2) for this clinic in Crete.  So, just because you didn’t win this time doesn’t mean that you wont next.  There were lots of great entries, and I went back and forth a couple times before deciding.

I’m looking forward to a couple more of you joining me in Crete!

What’s Next on the Vlog?

Things are crazy. I’m actually going back to the US.  I have a project with Marriott again in Texas that honestly just came out of nowhere.  So, I have a couple days left in Portugal, then my Ireland trip has been cut, and I’m heading to Texas.

Here’s the latest image from Portugal.

Amarante, Portugal
Amarante, Portugal

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