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A Day in the Life of a Blogger Trip to Modena, Italy

I know you guys are still getting used to all the different styles of episodes I’m doing now, but this is one of the last ones, I swear.

I did a “Day in the Life…” episode a while back and it was really popular. I think it’s a pretty fun format. Lots of these vlogs show just a snippet of my day. They often make it look like I’m only working for 10-20 minutes a day. When, the reality is that a day in the life of a travel blogger is always busy. If you’re not out exploring or taking part in some activity, you’re working on the computer or researching or any number of other things.

So, I thought that a couple times a month I’d do these episodes. I’ll trace what I’m up to each hour as the day goes along. Moreover, each time I’ll take a different angle. For example, this one is “A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger”, in the future I may do a wildlife photographer, or something like that. I think it’ll be fun.

The first day in my life was a pretty food-filed one here in Italy. Check it out:

The Breakdown of My Day

7am: Wake Up and Have Breakfast.
8am: Packed and Hitting the Road.
9am: Working from the Bus.
10am: Balsamic Vinagre producer and tour.
11am: Balsamic Vinagre Tasting and back on the road.
12pm: Arrival at lunch destination, tour and cooking class.
1pm: Lunch, finally.
2pm: Still lunch; because Italy.
3pm: Back on the road.
4pm: Editing photos in the bus.
5pm: Enzo Ferrari Museum.
6pm: Leaving the museum.
7pm: Heading back to the hotel.
8pm: Workout while uploading images and vlogs
9pm: Dinner
10pm: Dinner is done.
11pm-1am: Working in hotel room.

Some Photos from the Day

It was a very food-heavy day in Emilia Romagna, and I’m not complaining about that at all. The food in this area is next level. I really wish I could just stay here and eat, and get fat, and not worry about it. Of course, with such a food-heavy day, most of the images from today are food.

Travel Blog day
Michelin star chef preps some pasta.
Travel Blog day
Oh my, the starters in Italy.
Travel Blog day
Such a good dessert.
Travel Blog day
I realize I only took food pictures today. Oh, and this one of a vineyard!
Travel Blog day
Dusty wine bottles.

What’s Next?

I’m heading back to Africa tomorrow! I have a couple things scheduled in Emilia Romagna in the morning first, and then I have a long journey ahead to South Africa.


**This post was brought to you as a result of the #EuroFoodTrip campaign, created and managed by iAmbassador in partnership with Costa Brava, Girona Pyrenees and Emilia Romagna Tourism. As always, I retain all editorial control of what is published.